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I did not take it down! I left the old pdf in place, but added the link to --Evan


you took down trumpiad??? bad evan!!! bad evan

-- peter w.




Headlines about "Jesus's Wife" put you and Mary Christ in mind ...


REINVENTING BACH is off press, and I am eager to get the book to you if FSG hasn't done so already. How best to reach you?


as ever,


Paul Elie



Mille grazie! -- Evan


After so many years i rode around "The Recording Angel", at last i have bought it. In the beautiful italian translation: "L'Angelo col Fonografo", because i'm italian, i think everyone can understand it by my bad writing...But, you know, i can tell one thing by my bad english writing. The recording angel or L'Angelo col Fonografo is the best book about music i have ever read. Beautiful.




Dang. Dang. Dang. I wish I'd have thought of that IPEX piece. Dang. Rob of UnSpace


Regarding 'A few wrinkles in the world's most advanced bra' on , I'm surprised that you didn't at least have some guy come up with a lifehack for it. We'd definitely figure out a way to remotely disengage the bra whenever we saw fit, which is pretty much 24/7.






I'm interested in a passage in the Ecology of Eden, p56, where you tell a story about "A biologist from a pedestrian planet" who looks at North America from above and concludes that "a shiny lozenge-shaped reptilian creature" the car, is the dominant life form in the environment. I've seen a couple other versions of this parable in other works, and I'm curious if you adopted it from another source, or if you can share other versions of this story. It is a folk parable of sorts.
Gordon Sayre, Professor of English and Folklore, University of Oregon


Telegram from Yorkshire...
I picked up Ecology of Eden some years ago and no longer have a copy, it lived in a makeshift hazel 'bender' in the woods near my home. I believe it is now composted back into the Earth. Sorry. Nevertheless I am searching for a quote I believe came from this book about if the world took a year off, maybe you mentioned mindfulness? I'm not sure. But it stuck with me, this idea of if the world took a few years out, could we halt a lot of destruction? Is my mind playing trick? With Kindness, John, UK


Will you be updating/revising The Recording Angel, as you did in 2005, again anytime soon?


what are the concepts found in ecology of eden?




In re--The Ecology of Eden - From the Introduction. There are plenty more than just those two kinds you mention--one who wants to get *back* to Paradise by crawling under the barrier, or under whatever, and the others, the vaulters ... There are plenty more, each with their own agenda, often at odds with each other--no wonder that we are not getting anywhere too fast, as far as improving the ecology and the society goes ... If you will, checkout what I wrote on reconciling of the differences in respect to the above mentioned: Defining Sustainability. Thanks, Hearthstone - ModelEarth.Org .




Chris, Not sure when you posted this, as I haven't checked the discussion page for a while (sorry). Please use the "e-mail the author" link on the lower left of the page and I'll get back to you. Best, E


I have been re-reading "the Recording Angel" again and decided to read some of it aloud to my "listening group". We are a group of middle aged male friends here in Cape Town, South Africa,who get together every couple of months ( no set routine) and play tracks from recent discoveries ( or old rediscoveries as in my case since I enjoy a lot of classical music and they are mostly folk and jazz enthusiasts )to one another. share the bit about Debussy and the dilutive effect "owning" "music ghosts" can have. I am very curious to read your new chapter: I was given your book to review for a poetry magazine the year it came out and it was one of the memorably rewarding experiences of my life because it could have been quite a n academic book but you made it so lively and diverting. I would be delighted to share that additional chapter with my friends if you cab tell me how I might access it.Also any other of your more recent writings about music. By the way I am a music therapist also working in a south African Playback Theatre company called the Bonfire Theatre Company. Would love to hear from you. Chris Wildman





Bradley - Sorry I didn't see your message sooner. If you're reading this, you've probably noticed the link to the People Fooled chart on the left side of the page. Please send the link to my wife. Thanks, E


Evan I was amazed by your Chart on People Fooled. Could I have a link or a copy of that so I can send around to other people to prove to them how smart you are! Bradley Rotter


dear sir dinnerstein's goldberg's with their scandalous but delectable copinisms are certainly listenable - but how could you write a piece like that and not mention angela hewitt? mental, baby damian lanigan


I just read your review of Simone Dinnerstein's new recordings of the Golberg Variations. What you fail to mention is that in his later years Gould hated his 1955 version of the Goldberg Variations. He described them as "okay if you like that sort of thing". His 1981 recording of them sounds completely different; much cleaner and less obviously emotional and in my minority opinion much better.


Evan, Just read your piece about the Goldbergs on Slate. I appreciate the notice of Dinnerstein. I must ask you, though: what do you think of Andrew Rangell? His Bach completely reinvigorated my imagination about what can be done with Bach. David


David: As I recall, COEJL asked me to write a poem or prayer for Tu B'Shvat. And yes, I was inspired by the morning blessings... E


I like your poem the Morning Blessings of the Trees. How did you come to think about this poem. Were you inspired during morning prayers blessings , the Brachot. Or what? Its a very appropriate poem for today - Tu B'Shvat David


Evan; Meant to say: Your and Plunkett's essay. Damn cut-and-paste . . . JE, Los Alamos, NM


Evan; Meant to say: Your and Plunkett's essay. Damn cut-and-paste . . . JE, Los Alamos, NM


Evan; This evening's mail, dropped in a pile. Atop the junk, Your and Eisenberg's essay. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you. I actually resemble patent # 362467. John Eklund, Los Alamos, NM