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The Trumpiad

Illustrated by Steve Brodner

"Witty and wonderful."
--Edward Sorel

"Terrific. If wit have power to get wit it, this do."
--Rafi Zabor, winner of the PEN/Faulkner Award

"A renaissance in the art of satire may be the only good to come
out of Donald Trump’s presidency. Evan Eisenberg’s delectable
Trumpiad – abetted by Steve Brodner’s razor-sharp drawings –
is a whacked-out high rococo comedy to be cherished alongside
Alec Baldwin's and Melissa McCarthy’s down-and-dirty burlesques
on SNL. By channeling Alexander Pope’s immortal takedowns of
eighteenth-century manners and morals, Eisenberg has found
a way to respond to the national emergency with uncommon wit,
accuracy, and elegance." — Jed Perl

Book One of the Trumpiad was written during the 2016 presidential campaign and
published online shortly before the election. Rather than revise it
with the aid of hindsight, I've left it intact. Book Two takes up the tale from the
cataclysmic morning of November 9th, offering an ongoing chronicle of the high
crimes and misadventures of Trump, Bannon, Kushner, Sessions, and the rest of
the gang.

This web edition of the Trumpiad is being issued serially, with new installments
appearing at least once a week. Following the arc of Trump's career as it bends
toward injustice, we hope soon to find ourselves in the present moment.